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Dr. Epstein can see patients with ALL TYPES of oral complaints, including:

A. Oral Mucosal Diseases

  • Screening for Pre-cancerous changes in mouth, early detection of possibly cancerous lesions, prevention of cancer
  • benign growths
  • mucosal disorders
    • red and white lesions
    • blistering and ulcerating conditions
    • canker sores
    • infection and autoimmune conditions (including lichen planus)
  • oral complications of cancer treatment
  • bad breath
  • Early signs of cancer: a sore in the mouth that does not heal, a white or red patch on the tongue or buccal mucosa (inner cheeks) and gums


Treatment may include topical (surface) treatments and systemic medicines (drugs in tablet or capsule form taken orally) when needed. Biopsies may be taken for diagnosis of various oral conditions and if necessary, to rule out cancer. Viral and bacterial cultures are taken when needed. Recommendations and prevention of dental disease or oral infections due to dry mouth are prescribed.

B. Oral Sensory Disturbances

  • taste changes (metallic taste in mouth, no taste, altered taste)
  • smell changes
  • strange sensations in mouth (eg. thick or lumpy saliva)
  • dry mouth & salivary gland dysfunctions
  • burning mouth syndrome
    • Burning mouth often affects the tongue, palate, and/or lips. BMS patients often have multiple oral complaints including burning, dryness and altered taste, which may subside with eating
  • neuropathic pain (nerve damage), including trigeminal neuralgia (damage to the trigeminal nerve)


Management of chronic mouth pain is directed at providing relief of the symptoms. It includes diagnosis and frequently employs the prescription of appropriate medications. Treatment is similar to that used for other neuropathic pain conditions.

Info on BMS: Burning Mouth Syndrome may have a number of causes, and recently has been linked to damage to one or more of the nerves which controls taste. BMS may be present with a confusing array of symptoms. Some studies have demonstrated psychological changes in BMS subjects. However, the psychological factors associated with BMS, including anxiety and depression, may be the result and not the cause of the pain.

C. Oro-facial Pain & Movement Disorders

  • oral pain
  • facial pain
  • mucosal pain
  • headache related to oral/facial pain
  • movement disorders

Pain is commonly associated with cancer and its treatment. Multi-disciplinary pain management provides the best management in complex conditions.

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