We are dedicated to providing the most up to date and best evidence-based oral medicine and oral oncology care. Dr. Epstein has a long career in oral medicine, with focus on oral oncology. Oral medicine focuses on diagnosis and management of oral musosal conditions, salivary gland and sensory and motor disorders of the oral tissues and the jaw. Dr Epstein has published in the area of oral medicine and oncology extensively, and is active in leading national and international organizations. He has presented throughout the United States, Canada and internationally. His research interest provides the background for patient care, including early detection and management of oral soft tissue (mucosal) changes including inflammatory and infectious lesions, oral pre-malignant lesions and cancer, pretreatment oral care before cancer therapy begins, prevention and management of oral complications of treatment including mucositis and mouth pain, oral infections, taste and saliva changes, orofacial pain, including sharp (nociceptive pain), achy and burning (neuropathic) pain including burning mouth syndrome, and the considerable and life-long oral survivorship issues. 

The oral care of people with cancer is an important part of maintaining quality of life, reducing complex complications of treatment and reducing the cost of care from the time of cancer diagnosis, through the active phase of cancer care and throughout survivorship based on the best and current evidence for the cancer patient.

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